Pollo a la Cerveza

Salvadorians love all kinds of stewy chicken dishes. My mom makes pollo guisado (chicken stew) about once a week. We make several variations of chicken stew dishes, but one thing these dishes have in common is they’re all part of our comfort food repertoire. Pollo a la Cerveza Beer Braised Chicken 1 whole chicken, cutContinue reading “Pollo a la Cerveza”

Salvadorian Seafood Chowder

When I think of my favorite dish in the world, I think of this “soup.” It takes me back to childhood memories in El Salvador. My parents are seafood lovers and occasionally on weekends, my dad would bring home some fresh seafood and my mom would whip up this soup. It was quite the treat.Continue reading “Salvadorian Seafood Chowder”

Torta de Berro: Watercress Fritatta

What to do with leftover veggies or greens? Make a frittata! I used watercress in this recipe, a super healthy leafy green. It reminds me of baby spinach or arugula, but with a more pronounced and robust, peppery taste, perhaps due to being closely related to radish. Frittatas are very popular in Salvadorian cooking but we calledContinue reading “Torta de Berro: Watercress Fritatta”